What is StoryBrewing.com?

We are a marketing agency for craft brands.

Seth Holdren

Founder & President

  • Founder of the Craft Brewery Owners Group
  • President of Growth Shop, LLC
  • 10 years marketing agency, digital/social shop industry.
  • Craft brewery marketing master planner

Seth is a marketing director and consultant for several brands, as well as the founder of some of his own brands and groups. Here are some of them:

Jessica Holdren

Planner and Event Director

  • PLA, APA
  • Site analysis expert
  • Urban Planner
  • 10 years in design and space planning industry
  • Expertise in marketing craft beer to women, and fostering a family-friendly environment in the tap room.
  • Experienced event planner

Your brand has a story brewing. Tell it.


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